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Peter Rock, Award Winning Author ofMy Abandonment’
To Speak in Woodland for 2012 Community Read

Woodland, California March 21, 2012

Woodland Reads announces Peter Rock’s `My Abandonment’, as this year’s selection for community reading. This city-wide project will feature several author visits and include local high schools, book clubs, libraries, and a community luncheon.

Peter_RockOn May 17 and 18, 2012, the Woodland community will come together as Woodland Reads hosts author Peter Rock to talk about his latest novel, `My Abandonment’. The award-winning story revolves around a thirteen-year-old girl who lives with her father in a vast nature preserve in Portland, Oregon. ‘My Abandonment, has won an Alex Award, the Utah Book Award, and been published in Germany, Turkey and France. Rock is also the author of the novels ‘The Bewildered’, ‘The Ambidextrist’, ‘This Is the Place’, and ‘Carnival Wolves’, and a story collection, ‘The Unsettling’.

Rock received a BA in English from Yale University, and held a Wallace Stegner Fellowship at Stanford University. He has taught fiction at the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Deep Springs College, and in the MFA program at San Francisco State University. The recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and other awards, he currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and two daughters. He is a Professor of Creative Writing in the English Department at Reed College.

Woodland Reads invites the public to attend a community luncheon with Peter Rock at The Heidrick Ag History Center, 1962 Hays Lane in Woodland on May 17, 2011, at 12 noon. Tickets are available from The Gifted Penguin at 716 Main Street (530-668-8215) and Terry’s Hallmark at 375 W Main St (530-666-4431) for $25. Books are also available for $12 from these same retailers as well as The Avid Reader at 617 Second Street in Davis (530-758-4040).

Peter will speak later that afternoon with local high school students in the Woodland High School library and again the following morning at Pioneer High Schools.

A Meet the Author Talk and Book Signing at Woodland Public Library’s Leake Center, 250 First Street, at 7:00 pm on the 17th, provides an additional opportunity to meet with Peter Rock. This event is free to the public.

Long-time Woodland Reads team member, Meg Stallard says, “Putting together the Woodland Reads program each year is a lot of fun! The committee is informal, but is made up of people who are dedicated to the mission of promoting literacy and bringing authors to students and the wider community. I think we can all be pleased with the quality of books and authors we have hosted to date. This year there are more than 125 books out in the local schools and there is a lot of excitement among students and teachers. 'My Abandonment' is a compelling story and it will be fun to meet Peter Rock and talk to him about the story, both fact and fiction.”

Woodland Reads is a Woodland Community-wide Reading Event. Each year a selected book is read by local high school students, book club members and the community as a whole. Like many similar events in American cities and on college campuses, Woodland Reads is designed to foster literacy, acceptance and respect.  Beginning in 2002, the Woodland community began reading together with `The Circuit’  by Francisco Jimenez. Subsequent selections have included David Mas Masumoto’s `Epitaph for a Peach’, `The Kite Runner’  by Khaled Hosseini, Jennifer Traig’s `Devil in the Details’, `Mabel McKay: Weaving the Dream’  by Greg Sarris, Sue Bigelow and Janice Goldberg’s `Rose Colored Glass’, Maisie Dobbs’ by Jacqueline Winspear and Jamie Ford’s ‘Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet’.

For further information about Woodland Reads, please refer to their website at www.woodlandreads.org or contact Meg Stallard at 530-666-0154.